About The 1925 Law of Success

Orne Publishing Releases Napoleon Hill’s (Never Before Released) Original 1925 Masterpiece…

Thank you for visiting the website of the original 1925 version of Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Success”. The original Law Of Success was written by Napoleon Hill in 1925 and released as a limited hand made edition consisting of only 118 copies. These copies were distributed to the most successful businessmen and billionaires of the day, all of whom contributed to it’s content. People like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller and 115 more of the most successful and powerful people in American history owned this actual edition.

I recently found the only known copy still in existence of this original 1925 work at a rare bookseller in Arkansas. I paid $20,000 to get my hands on this work to have it for my own personal library. I did this because I owe all of my personal success to Dr. Napoleon Hill and his research.

I knew that this original work held secrets of some of the richest people in history. Secrets that were closely guarded for decades. Secrets that could help me take my personal success and the success of the companies I own to new heights. I was right. I have experienced more personal fulfillment and financial success since acquiring and studying these secrets than ever before in my life… And I say that humbly and with the deepest gratitude for these blessings.

Now it is time for me to share those blessings by releasing this blueprint of personal success and financial abundance to the world, as Andrew Carnegie, the second richest person ever to have lived originally intended.


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